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IETF 116: Host Speaker Series: Quantum Internet

The Host Speaker Series session at IETF 116 will be held at 11:45-12:45 UTC on 30 march 2023.


Rodney Van Meter (WIDE Board/Keio Univ.),

Shota Nagayama (WIDE Board/QITF Representative/Keio Univ./Mercari, Inc.)

The WIDE project has been working on and supporting the research and development of quantum networking/quantum Internet for more than 15 years. We will discuss that research with particular emphasis on testbed-related activities in Japan. In recent years, research and development of quantum information technology has been increasingly active, not only in the formal quantum research community, but also in the broader information technology community. Several years ago, the Quantum Internet Research Group (QIRG) was established within IRTF. In Japan, the Internet community has made a significant contribution to QIRG and to the Quantum Internet Task Force (QITF), with a WIDE project board member serving as leader of the QITF. In this session, we will discuss how the Internet community should contribute to the research and development of quantum information technology and the way forward.

More information available here.