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Visa Application Process

Some participants will require a visa to travel to Japan for IETF 116.

Visa Information

Please check the Japanese MOFA site for list of countries with visa exemptions. If you travel on a passport issued by a country NOT on this list, you will need additional documents, provided by the WIDE project, our local Japanese host. All citizens who are required to apply for visas to enter Japan must apply in person at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

You must register for IETF 116 in order to receive the IETF 116 visa application documents. Note that these documents will only appear for you if your passport is from a no-exempt country.

We recommend you apply for a visa as early as possible in order to give yourself plenty of time to navigate the visa application process.

To apply for a visa, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register as an onsite participant for IETF 116.
  2. Book your travel to Yokohama, Japan for the meeting.
  3. Reserve your hotel accommodation.
  4. Download and complete the visa documents found on your attendee dashboard, which include the following:
    - Meeting registration payment receipt
    - Location letter of invitation
    - Letter of guarantee
    - Travel itinerary information
    - PDF of IETF 116 meetings page, as information about the meeting
  5. Apply in person at your local Japanese embassy or consulate.